Eye-Hye® SmartLevel™

Patented new technology provides most accurate, most reliable boiler water levels ever...and optimum system heat rate efficiency. Watch the Video.

Models for Pressures up to 3000 PSI (200 Bar) • Remote Water Level Indication System • Highly Accurate & Reliable LED Indication for Indication, Alarms & Trip Functions


Intelligence That Improves Steam Efficiency

  • Patent pending technology.
  • Self-diagnostic sensor technology.
  • Adapts to your communication systems.
  • Optimum quality steam for heat rate efficiency.
  • Designed for global applications.


Click here to download SmartLevel Eye-Hye Video with Spanish Captioning


A very Easy Upgrade

No modifications are required to retrofit an existing Eye-Hye probe column or probes.  Remote and Local LED Indicators are available in two sizes and fit existing panel cutouts in control room.  (Swap out your old Eye-Hye indicator without cutting a new hole!) Consult Clark-Reliance with your original system serial number for exact recommendations to upgrade your existing control unit and indicator.  Typical system can be upgraded in a few hours.
Standardized for Global Applications
EPCs and OEMs will appreciate that one model of Eye-Hye SmartLevel can be specified for worldwide use.  You can standardize on one water level-sensing device for 85 to 264 VAC 50/60 Hz.

eye hye water level