Eye-Hye® SmartLevel™ Remote Water
Level Indication System

The all new Eye-Hye® SmartLevel™ Boiler Indication System adds patented technology to intelligently monitor the condition of its probes which sense water level in the boiler’s steam drum. When the probes require cleaning to remove residue and mineral build-up to maintain their accuracy, the system’s smart technology unambiguously notifies the control room or other remote locations that a probe column blowdown (cleaning) is necessary. If the blue light on the indicator is illuminated, a blowdown is needed.

The World’s Smartest Boiler Water Level Indication System

Intelligence That Improves Steam Efficiency

  • Patented technology.

  • Self-diagnostic sensor technology.

  • Adapts to your communication systems.

  • Optimum quality steam for heat rate efficiency.

  • Designed for global applications

The system’s intelligence can distinguish “dirty” probes from probes that need to be replaced. Also, the Eye-Hye SmartLevel system eliminates the need for frequent blowdowns. Now, blowdowns can be performed when the blue indicator is illuminated (the probes need cleaning) or for scheduled cleaning of the connecting piping.

  • Operator exposure to hazardous areas is minimized…unnecessary “nuisance” repair trips are eliminated. 

  • Longer probe and valve life… blowdowns are performed only when necessary, reducing wear. 

  • Pinpoints the failure of any module or peripheral in the system to simplify repair.

A Very Easy Upgrade

No modifications are required to retrofit an existing Eye-Hye probe column or probes.  Remote and Local LED Indicators are available in two sizes and fit existing panel cutouts in control room.  (Swap out your old Eye-Hye indicator without cutting a new hole!)

Consult Clark-Reliance with your original system serial number for exact recommendations to upgrade your existing control unit and indicator.  Typical system can be upgraded in a few hours.

Standardized for Global Applications

EPCs and OEMs will appreciate that one model of Eye-Hye SmartLevel can be specified for worldwide use.  You can standardize on one water level-sensing device for 85 to 264 VAC 50/60 Hz.



*For older traditional Eye-Hye Systems, please contact us for details.

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