Flat Glass Water Gages & DuraStar® Illumination

Flat Glass Water Gages
450 – 2000 PSI

The precision manufacturing of these time-tested designs assures outstanding performance and service life. Choose from single, double or triple windows for ultimate visibility.

FG Series Gages provide wide-body construction for added strength and rigidity. Tempered flat glass composition of premium quality to resist thermal shock. All glass is tested for surface trueness prior to assembly and is protected with a high quality mica shield for steam applications.

All models feature finger-clamps which impart a uniform, perpendicular load across the glass surface, assuring gasket tightness. This design allows easy dismantling for cleaning and servicing.

A window slot, 5/8” (15.9 mm) wide, provides high visibility gage reading. For many installations, Water Gage Illuminators are recommended to improve gage readability.

DuraStar® Flat Glass Gage LED Illuminator

The Most Dependable LED Illuminator for all Reliance® Flat Glass Level Gages

  • High Contrast

  • Superior Visibility Day or Night

  • Field Upgradable

  • Maintenance Free

  • Long Life ~100,000 hrs.

  • No Heat Generation

  • Versatile

    • Continuous or “On-Demand”

  • Amber LED’s for high intensity “star-like” image of the water line

  • Longest Field-of-View

  • Pays for itself in electricity savings alone!

  • No weather-proof illuminator hood used

  • Models for Ordinary or Classified locations

  • ATEX models available

The DuraStar is approved for use in Class 1, Div 1, Group B, C & D environments. Contact your local representative or a Reliance Applications Engineer to configure a DuraStar for your transparent glass level gages.

The DuraStar Illuminator uses three columns of “directed” amber color LED’s to create a brilliant star-like image at the water level. The DuraStar easily attaches to new or existing Reliance level gages without the use of tools.

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