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Install of a P4006 Simpliport® Gage at a sugar/ethanol plant in Brazil

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Our partners at Clark Reliance do Brasil assisted with this awesome install of a P4006 Simpliport® 180 Bi-Color Ported Water Gage Glass at a sugar/ethanol company in Brazil.

DID YOU KNOW? Our Simpliport® 180 features the brightest LEDs in the boiler gage industry.

- Low power consumption (< .1 Amp)

- LEDs generate no heat

- 120 or 240 VAC operation

- Indoor or outdoor use

The Simpliport® LED Illuminator features high-intensity long life red and green LED’s and eliminates the traditional red and green glass color strips. The service life of the LEDs is up to 10 years, which far exceeds any traditional incandescent or halogen lamps in previous models. #power #water #brazil #sugar #ethanol #sugarmills #boilers

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