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TWIP® Level Switch in a Hydroelectric Dam – Reliable Technology Case Study

A hydroelectric dam in the Southeast US, initially built to produce hydropower – now assists in the regulation of water flow and water temperature for other plants downstream.


The plant had outdated switches being used to protect lake water cooling equipment. These switches were dial gages mounted on the wall. Plant personnel were having a hard time reading the switches, leading to reliability and accuracy issues.


The ideal water detection device must fulfill multiple objectives. Foremost, false alarms are unacceptable. Equally undesired are the cost and nuisance of routine testing to assure proper equipment performance. For these reasons, plant personnel decided to upgrade their old switch technology to a TWIP® (Turbine Water Induction Protection) Level Switch.

The TWIP System attacks these detection problems directly and effectively. TWIP combines industry’s most successful sensing Probes with a choice of versatile, high technology equipment options. TWIP systems of proven reliability and accuracy are easily tailored for strategic location within any individual steam plant.

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