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Upgrade at an energy plant in Brazil - Simpliport® Gage with optional Sun Shield

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Check out this awesome upgrade we did at an energy plant in Brazil! Our customer was having a hard time reading the level in their traditional boiler water glass gage. Without hesitation, we were onsite installing our Simpliport® 180 Bi-Color Ported Water Gage Glass. They opted to include the Sun Shield, which only adds 5 inches (127 mm) to the length of the Viewing Hood! Special thank you to our friends at our JV in Brazil, Clark Reliance do Brasil.

Wherever you may be standing within 180° of the Simpliport Wide Angle Hood, you can clearly see the bright red or green indication of steam and water level. You will decrease your exposure time to the boiler environment, while maintaining a crystal clear view of a direct reading gage as required by ASME. For more information, please visit #energy#water#environment#level#indicators#boilers#boilertrim#gageglass#gauge

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