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Virtual or onsite boiler surveys and walkdowns

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

We recently did a boiler walkdown at a power plant in the Caribbean. After surveying the HRSG’s, we observed that many of the gages were neglected or out of service. After discussions with plant personnel, they found value in replacing their old gages, especially the bicolor gage located at the HP drum, with Simpliport® 180 Bi-Color Ported Water Gage Glasses.

The HP drum is the primary drum in the HRSG. The air/heat flow through the ductwork is closely monitored for safe and proper operation. The IP and LP drums operate from residual heat after passing thru the HP segment of the HRSG. (Note, depending upon the capacity & configuration of the HRSG, there may not always be an IP or LP drum. A unit may have 1, 2, or all 3 drums).

Therefore, it is critical to see your boiler water level at any angle, any distance. Wherever you may be standing within 180° of the Simpliport Wide Angle Hood, you can clearly see the bright red or green indication of steam and water level. You will decrease your exposure time to the boiler environment, while maintaining a crystal clear view of a direct reading gage as required by ASME.

Having application issues or concerns with your level instrumentation? Our experts are available for virtual or onsite boiler surveys and walkdowns of boilers and/or process equipment. Contact us today to learn more about this custom service at #boilers#boilerservice#power#hrsg#instrumentation#level#gage#glassgage#boilertrim#ASME#critical

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