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Prismatic Water Gages, Flat Glass Water Gages & DuraStar® Illumination


Prismatic (Reflex) Water Gage Glasses

Reliance Prismatic (reflex) Gages provide a well defined, distinct image of water level, eliminating reading errors or distortions possible with less effective gage types. Highly versatile, Prismatic Gages are easily installed in vertical or Tiltview ™ Assemblies. In addition, Reliance Prismatic Gages offer the flexibility of combining multiple gage sections to achieve coverage of extended viewing areas.


Flat Glass Water Gages & DuraStar Illumination

FG Series Gages provide wide-body construction for added strength and rigidity. Tempered flat glass composition of premium quality to resist thermal shock. All glass is tested for surface trueness prior to assembly and is protected with a high quality mica shield for steam applications. DuraStar is the most dependable LED Illuminator for all Reliance Flat Glass Level Gages.

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