SureStart™ Operator Assistance Program

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    Our Expert. Your Plant. All Day.  Free.

    We’ll help assure that your next boiler project gets up and running smoothly…and stays that way.

    Qualified purchasers of boiler control systems made by us are entitled to an all-day on-site review by a direct factory expert from Clark-Reliance®.

    We’ll Verify the Installation

    Any discrepancy between what we specified as proper installation and what we observe will be immediately reported to your operators, followed by a written report.  Your new boiler level and control system will be verified to be in compliance with Section I of the ASME Code.

    We’ll Teach the Code to your O&M People

    Understanding Section I of the ASME Code, PG – 60 is critical to the operation and maintenance of control instrumentation.  We’ll train your crew in the “why’s” and “how’s” of accepted standard practice.

    Hands-On Training

    Our expert will guide your people through each Clark device: operation, maintenance, and proper scheduling…it’s all here.  Bring your video camera!  Many plants tape the session for future reference.

    Program Benefits

    • Greatly reduce start-up issues
    • Increased safety for plant and personnel
    • More stable operations, less frequent and more predictable maintenance
    • Maximum equipment life

    Why Does Clark-Reliance Offer This Free Service?

    We are happy to invest a full day of our factory expert’s time at your plant because it is a “win-win” effort: Your plant gets assurance that its boiler control system is installed properly, is fine-tuned for optimized performance, and will be properly maintained by your staff.  Clark-Reliance gets reduced warranty-related issues and delighted customers experiencing maximized up times and heat rates!

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