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8ft Eye-Hye® SmartLevel™ Remote Level Indication System set up in new Product Demo Display Area

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

We are hard at work getting our PDD (Product Demo Display) Area set up on the third floor! First demo brought up was our 8ft Eye-Hye® SmartLevel™ Remote Water Level Indication System.

The Eye-Hye® SmartLevel™ Boiler Indication System adds patented technology to intelligently monitor the condition of its probes which sense water level in the boiler’s steam drum. When the probes require cleaning to remove residue and mineral build-up to maintain their accuracy, the system’s smart technology unambiguously notifies the control room or other remote locations that a probe column blowdown (cleaning) is necessary. If the blue light on the indicator is illuminated, a blowdown is needed.

We will be continuously adding demos to our PDD Area - this was the first of many to come! #demo#productdemo#smarttechnology#boilers#technology#water

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