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Reliability of Simpliport 180 Gages at a Sugar Mill in Brazil

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

We recently visited a sugar mill in Brazil that currently has two of our Simpliport® 180 Bi-Color Ported Water Gage Glasses on their HP Boilers. Plant personnel are very happy with the reliability of the Simpliport Gages; they have been in service for three years!

#FunFact - Simpliport LED Illuminators feature high-intensity, long life red and green LED’s and eliminates the traditional red and green glass color strips. The service life of the LEDs is up to 10 years, which far exceeds any traditional incandescent or halogen lamps in previous models. #level#instrumentation#boilers#sugarmills#reliability#HPboilers#service

Visit for more information on our Simpliport Gages.

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